A little bit about what's going on.

This is a free screening venue for our little film. Thanks for checking it out. Be sure to click the "View Full Screen" button to maximize your viewing experience. Also feel free to share this film and this link however you wish. Email it, post it, embed it.

This film is produced by [filmmakers, inc.] a production company for hire at www.filmmakersinc.com.

So what's the "Raven Fork" project I've heard about?

[filmmakers, inc.] has started principle photography on a full-length feature film titled "Raven Fork." It's the story of two friends who reach deep for the meaning of life while simultaneously living it to the fullest.

If you know anyone who would like to be involved as an actor, paddler, crew, or would like to help in anyway please send an email to support@kayakfilm.com.