National Paddling Film Festival - Raven Fork

Last weekend Dave and I broke free and made the drive to Frankfort Kentucky for the 2011 National Paddling Film Festival.

It was my first time attending and Raven Fork was the feature presentation on Friday night. The Buffalo Trace Distillery was the perfect venue for a kayak gathering. The all volunteer NPFF staff decked it out with food, beer, and HD projection.

The cool part for me was watching the reactions of the Kentucky boating contingency to the Russel Fork sequence. Blake's piton and Dave's epic mystery move went over well.

Brandon Jett wrote a follow up note and said we helped raise over $13,000 for river based charities and American Whitewater.

Goodtimes. It was good to be able to watch all of the boatn' films of the year in one fail swoop.

Raven Fork - National Paddling Film Festival - Bryce Evans

Raven Fork is the feature presentation this Friday February, 25th at the National Paddling Film Festival in Frankfort, Ky.

Here is the Festival Program: